Head Coach Altschul
has been coaching at Parsippany Hills since 2007. Prior to joining the coaching staff, Coach Altschul wrestled at Parsippany Hills High School from 1998-2002, and was a 3-year varsity letter winner under Coach Matt Ciampa and wrestled in college for East Stroudsburg University. In addition to wrestling under Coach Ciampa, he also competed under his tutelage in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling during the spring season at Eclipse Wrestling Club. He placed among the top wrestlers in the North-East Region and earned two trips to the National Tournament in Fargo, North Dakota.

Assistant Coach Pavese
is a veteran coach of the Parsippany Hills football team. He is a dedicated coach, with a strong commitment to the programs he has worked in. Coach Pavese is very excited to serve in his first year as an assistant coach on the wrestling team. He is a graduate of Roxbury High School and West Virginia University and teaches History at PHHS.


Trainer Venita Carlo Prudenti
 has been with Parsippany Hills since September, 1998. She is a specialist/technologist in the field of Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Practitioners with a specialization in Athletic training. Venita attended State University of New York College at Brockport and has a MA in Liberal Studies, as well as a BS in Sports Medicine from Mount Union College.




If you are a non-varsity level competitor you can still get a varsity letter
.  100 points to earn a varsity letter
Each wrestler is responsible for keeping track of their points

- Varsity Matches (5+ matches)    +400 pts. 4 (or) 25 each
– 100% attendance     +400 pts.
– Lifting/Running      + 150 pts. (15 points each day)
– Fall Sports      + 150 pts.
– Fundraising    + 100 pts. each completed
– Camp/Wrestling Club    + 100 pts.
– New Recruit       + 100 pts.
– Honor Roll           100 pts.
– Off-Season Tournament    +50 pts. each
– Attend a College Match      +  50 pts. each
– Attendance at rec/MS Practice   +  10 pts. each
– Missed Deadline      ”-” 25 pts.
– Missed Practice/Meeting (unexcused)  “-” 25 pts.
– Missed Competition     “-” 50 pts.
– Detention    “-” 50 pts.
– Missed Weight (Varsity)   “-” 100 pts.
– Unsportsmanlike    ”-” 100 pts.
– Missed Weight (Varsity)    “-” 200 pts.